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Here is what some of our “Doodle-family” members have said about their Goldendoodles:


Describing Hercules would be that of a child who wakes up everyday of their lives thinking “Hooray, this is the best day ever”. He wakes up happy and goes to bed happy. When we point a finger at him and say “bang” he will lie down and play dead except he cannot stop wagging his tail Two things we can always count on when out in public “What kind of dog is that” and “Where can I get one?” They are people dogs, I can truly say he has never met a stranger. The are great around people, children and other animals. I would have not reservations in saying Hercules is the best dog we have ever owned. He has the loyalty of a Golden Retriever and the brains of a Poodle.

Roger & Suzi

Beginning your puppy’s training

I’ve had dogs all my life but hadn’t had a brand new puppy in 15 years. So bringing home my new mini-goldendoodle puppy felt a bit like a first-time experience. I worried and prepared like a new mother. I had arranged my life so I could devote myself completely to his first couple of months building the foundation for many years of a happy, devoted, and lovable adult dog. This is why I’ve always had puppies…because with forethought, time, and patience you can truly create your perfect dog. Of course, it helps to pick the perfect puppy to begin with…thank you Bill and Gayle…but it’s up to you to create success for your little guy.

I thought a few tips might be helpful for the other new puppy parents. This is a little presumptuous on my part, but I certainly checked out the internet when I was breed-searching, breeder-searching, and looking for puppy care tips and was glad for the advice.

First and foremost, I always…always…praise good behavior. Anytime our little guy (we named him Pocket) demonstrates good behavior, we gregariously praise him and say back the behavior. For example, when I want him to go out to relieve himself, I say “let’s go outside, Pocket”. He trots out the door where his dog run is and the second his paws hit outside, I excitedly say “GOOD OUTSIDE”, “good outside, Pocket”. When he starts to squat and go I say it again. The second he finishes, I give him a tiny chip of a treat…just a taste…and say it again. By his second day at home, he was rushing to go outside when I said it, and turned around to look at me when he started going. He is now 12 weeks old and is 95% housebroken. The only time he ever has an accident is if I haven’t been paying attention. He goes for days without an accident. He never goes in his crate at night and can hold it for 8 hours at night (every hour or so during the day is about it). I have never had such a smart dog!

Second, it’s a good idea to start teaching a few commands sooner rather than later. The puppies really shouldn’t be taken out and put on the ground until they’ve had all their shots, so you have some time and opportunity to teach him how to behave in those early weeks – or break beginning bad habits like jumping up, nipping fingers, those kinds of things. Pick the words you want to use to get him or her to do something or not do something and when he demonstrates the willingness to do that, praise him unabashedly and give him a tiny bit of a treat. It’s good to keep little bits of treats in a pocket so that you can immediately show him when he does something you like. Pocket already has a vocabulary and has mastered 10 commands. Did I mention that he’s smart?

Third, the nipping and biting routine is normal as they are transitioning from baby teeth to adult teeth. Keep toys around and when it starts, calmly but not particularly cheerfully say “no biting” and put a toy in his mouth and say very cheerfully “good no biting”. You can also say “ouch” in a bit of a high raised voice and turn away, ignoring him for a minute. That teaches him that the playful nip was too hard and moderates it. It’s worked with Pocket. He’ll now just take my hand in his mouth gently and look at me.

Fourth, giving your puppy the run of the house is not a good idea…for the puppy or for you. Create a barrier between rooms so he is confined to a single room or couple of rooms. Spread his blanket or towel down where you want him to be and keep his toys on it so he knows that’s where he belongs. I sit next to it and toss toys or play tug-of-war with him and talk to him and do his training. We also have a small pen right next to his blanket that we put him in when he’s about to nap so I can get some things done without having to keep checking to see if he’s up. It also helps with the housebreaking. They don’t like to go where they sleep.

During this period (before all their shots) you can take him out to get used to noises, smells, and people coming up to him and fussing over him – but as I mentioned before, it’s best not put him on the ground.

The most important thing to remember is that they love you unconditionally and will do anything that will please you. If you nurture the good behavior repeatedly, they will respond in amazing ways and become your perfect dog. Cuddle them and coo to them, rub their soft round bellies, and massage their little backs and heads. It’s magic.

The best dog in the entire universe!

Our Puppy-“Buddy” is the best baby in the entire universe. He has really helped Dan and his walking if you recall Dan has Parkinson’s so this is been a special blessing to us. Buddy is also very patient with us and loves to dress up as you can see in his Halloween costume with our other dog Pumpkin. Thank you for raising such sweet baby dogs.
Darth Buddy & Princess Pumkin

Katie, Dan & Buddy


What would I say about my first five months with my goldendoodle, Tallulah? Pictures cannot communicate the beauty of this silken angel! She doesn’t merely walk: she prances. She is delicate and long legged, and her hair is super soft and flowing.

The temperament of this exquisite breed cannot be overstated. Tallulah is so loving: she will be staring in my eyes one moment, and wrapping her long paws around my neck the next, climbing to chomp on my hair and lean around to kiss my cheeks. She plays for hours with my cat—and has since she was very young—and has never hurt her; extraordinary self-control and gentleness for one so young. She has begun to come to work with me, where she utterly charms my clients, and then rests quietly while my clients and I talk. Did I mention she’s five months old?? She is already so smart, and has this unbeatable mix of joyous exuberance….and a steady, calm curiosity.

I have had dogs all my life & I have NEVER had a dog like THIS dog. I feel utterly fortunate to look forward to having such a sweet soul with me for years to come. If you’re on the fence, you’re wasting your time: hop off and get ready for the pleasure of these unconditionally adoring creatures!!

“Missy” changed my Boy’s life

When my oldest son was 2-years-old he had a frightening encounter with a big dog that lunged at him and knocked him down. Since then my son has been afraid of dogs and never wanted to get close to a dog nor showed any interest in dogs. We got Missy for my mother-in-law about 5 months ago, when she was only 10 weeks old. Missy is an especially small goldendoodle who is now only 5 pounds and will probably be less than 10 pounds when fully grown. Missy spends a lot of time at my house when Julie, my mother-in-law, is away for business (often), so my two boys get to experience what it is like to have a dog even if technically the dog is not ours. What is amazing to me, is how Missy transformed my oldest son’s perception of dogs almost from the first day we brought her home. He spends hours playing with the dog and even stops people (with dogs) to ask questions and loves to share his Missy stories with them. He loves to wake up in the morning and play with her before going to school and enjoys taking Missy out for walks.

She is the most amazing, loving and smart dog I have ever known. I am very happy for my son Alessio. Now, he is able to experience love and care for dogs and most important he is not afraid of them anymore. It’s reassuring to know that when it is time to get our own dog, it will be even better.

The best part is that Missy also loves the kids. She is extremely patient with my youngest (3 1/2 years old), and enjoys playing with both boys – playing fetch with toy balls or just chasing them around.

This has truly been an amazing experience for me too. Helping my mother-in-law during these initial months with training and house breaking, has been surprisingly easy. At 5 months, Missy is fully potty trained and never damaged anything in the house… except for one flip flop!!

Love, Love Missy. She is the best dog ever! I cannot wait to get OUR own family mini Goldendoodle dog from Goldendoodle Kennels very soon.

Claudia Marino

Nicci the perfect companion!

Nicci is my partner in living and she was such a precious gift. She fills my house and my heart with her sweet spirit. Everybody that meets her adores her. She has become our clinic mascot

Nicci is super healthy and happy, though my lifestyle is sort of quiet as I am still adjusting to retirement and living alone She weighs 13.3 pounds and still demands the most expensive food on the block. She often refuses doggie treats that people often her, but loves the wild Alaskan salmon treats that I get at a shop downtown called The Hip Hound. That’s our girl!

I was afraid she might get bored and wasn’t getting enough canine socialization beyond our neighborhood walks. So I take her once a month for a half day play date at Camp Doggie Tails. Getting her into it was harder than getting a kid into Harvard. She even had to have a behavioral observation/personality assessment appointment. Of course, their doggie psychologist fell in love with her and said she passed “with flying colors”. She plays in the Small Dog area. They give me a Report Card when I pick her up. Her favorite activities are “cuddling” and “playing with Jake and Walter”. She obviously prefers the guys. The staff actually chooses the best half day to bring her because they want to match her with friends that she would click with.

Nicci is the perfect companion. I can’t imagine life without her.

Dr. Marci,