Beginning your puppy’s training

I’ve had dogs all my life but hadn’t had a brand new puppy in 15 years. So bringing home my new mini-goldendoodle puppy felt a bit like a first-time experience. I worried and prepared like a new mother. I had arranged my life so I could devote myself completely to his first couple of months [...]

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The best dog in the entire universe!

Our Puppy-“Buddy” is the best baby in the entire universe. He has really helped Dan and his walking if you recall Dan has Parkinson's so this is been a special blessing to us. Buddy is also very patient with us and loves to dress up as you can see in his Halloween costume with our [...]

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“Missy” changed my Boy’s life

When my oldest son was 2-years-old he had a frightening encounter with a big dog that lunged at him and knocked him down. Since then my son has been afraid of dogs and never wanted to get close to a dog nor showed any interest in dogs. We got Missy for my mother-in-law about 5 [...]

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