Barn in springGoldendoodle Kennels is committed to making the public aware of the wonderful qualities of “smaller” or mini Goldendoodle. We are not a large scale breeder and strive for quality over quantity and as such may not always have puppies available but check back often. Our breeding females have been carefully selected for good health, intelligence, temperament, size and wonderful Goldendoodle features.

These qualities have been achieved over several generations. Some breeders of very small (we call ours “micro mini”) Goldendoodle will artificially inseminate (AI) regular sized Goldendoodle (35 to 50 pounds) with “Toy” poodles to achieve the smaller size.

This way they will get large litters and little control over outcome. Not bad if your just in it for the money. Aside from the fact that when breeding like this there is little way to be sure of the puppy’s mature size, the “Toy” poodle has an entirely different disposition from their larger cousins the mini and standard sized poodle, again making it very difficult to breed consistent puppy dispositions.