“Missy” changed my Boy’s life

//“Missy” changed my Boy’s life

“Missy” changed my Boy’s life

When my oldest son was 2-years-old he had a frightening encounter with a big dog that lunged at him and knocked him down. Since then my son has been afraid of dogs and never wanted to get close to a dog nor showed any interest in dogs. We got Missy for my mother-in-law about 5 months ago, when she was only 10 weeks old. Missy is an especially small goldendoodle who is now only 5 pounds and will probably be less than 10 pounds when fully grown. Missy spends a lot of time at my house when Julie, my mother-in-law, is away for business (often), so my two boys get to experience what it is like to have a dog even if technically the dog is not ours. What is amazing to me, is how Missy transformed my oldest son’s perception of dogs almost from the first day we brought her home. He spends hours playing with the dog and even stops people (with dogs) to ask questions and loves to share his Missy stories with them. He loves to wake up in the morning and play with her before going to school and enjoys taking Missy out for walks.

She is the most amazing, loving and smart dog I have ever known. I am very happy for my son Alessio. Now, he is able to experience love and care for dogs and most important he is not afraid of them anymore. It’s reassuring to know that when it is time to get our own dog, it will be even better.

The best part is that Missy also loves the kids. She is extremely patient with my youngest (3 1/2 years old), and enjoys playing with both boys – playing fetch with toy balls or just chasing them around.

This has truly been an amazing experience for me too. Helping my mother-in-law during these initial months with training and house breaking, has been surprisingly easy. At 5 months, Missy is fully potty trained and never damaged anything in the house… except for one flip flop!!

Love, Love Missy. She is the best dog ever! I cannot wait to get OUR own family mini Goldendoodle dog from Goldendoodle Kennels very soon.

Claudia Marino

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