Nicci the perfect companion!

//Nicci the perfect companion!

Nicci the perfect companion!

Nicci is my partner in living and she was such a precious gift. She fills my house and my heart with her sweet spirit. Everybody that meets her adores her. She has become our clinic mascot

Nicci is super healthy and happy, though my lifestyle is sort of quiet as I am still adjusting to retirement and living alone She weighs 13.3 pounds and still demands the most expensive food on the block. She often refuses doggie treats that people often her, but loves the wild Alaskan salmon treats that I get at a shop downtown called The Hip Hound. That’s our girl!

I was afraid she might get bored and wasn’t getting enough canine socialization beyond our neighborhood walks. So I take her once a month for a half day play date at Camp Doggie Tails. Getting her into it was harder than getting a kid into Harvard. She even had to have a behavioral observation/personality assessment appointment. Of course, their doggie psychologist fell in love with her and said she passed “with flying colors”. She plays in the Small Dog area. They give me a Report Card when I pick her up. Her favorite activities are “cuddling” and “playing with Jake and Walter”. She obviously prefers the guys. The staff actually chooses the best half day to bring her because they want to match her with friends that she would click with.

Nicci is the perfect companion. I can’t imagine life without her.

Dr. Marci,

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