What would I say about my first five months with my goldendoodle, Tallulah? Pictures cannot communicate the beauty of this silken angel! She doesn’t merely walk: she prances. She is delicate and long legged, and her hair is super soft and flowing.

The temperament of this exquisite breed cannot be overstated. Tallulah is so loving: she will be staring in my eyes one moment, and wrapping her long paws around my neck the next, climbing to chomp on my hair and lean around to kiss my cheeks. She plays for hours with my cat—and has since she was very young—and has never hurt her; extraordinary self-control and gentleness for one so young. She has begun to come to work with me, where she utterly charms my clients, and then rests quietly while my clients and I talk. Did I mention she’s five months old?? She is already so smart, and has this unbeatable mix of joyous exuberance….and a steady, calm curiosity.

I have had dogs all my life & I have NEVER had a dog like THIS dog. I feel utterly fortunate to look forward to having such a sweet soul with me for years to come. If you’re on the fence, you’re wasting your time: hop off and get ready for the pleasure of these unconditionally adoring creatures!!