This period of time can occur anywhere from 4 to 8 months old as they begin to get their permanent teeth; it is not only common but pretty natural.  The puppies need to chew to help loosen and loose there puppy teeth and ease some of the discomfort as there adult come through the gum.  It is important to supply your puppy with a good supply of chew toys – ones that will alleviate their desire to chew without turning them into a permanent chewer.   A word to the wise, do not give them old shoes, sox or other items that make them learn that your personal items are their chew toys.  This is usually a good time to provide her a toy box that contains her chew toys like some of the hard rubber toys (which you can place in the freezer as the cold helps) rawhide bone or roll, or rope type toys.

Just as our children need safe teething rings so does your puppy need safe toys to aid in relieving the discomfort while they are teething.  Correcting your puppy for chewing during teething will only confuse her since she really cannot help herself, instead, you can supply her with a safe chew toy.

Some puppies will chew out of boredom.  Puppies that are left alone for long periods of time without some kind of constructive activity often turn to chewing. To prevent this, make every effort to teach your puppy what he can and can’t chew on in your home.  It’s also a good time to provide a little extra play time for fetching, walking or a little tug of war with a rope toy. If you are unable to supervise your puppy, put her in a playpen or exercise pen with her chew toys.  We also recommend leaving a radio or television on for your puppy if you are going to be away for any long period of time.  The noise and sound of music and people will alleviate some of the loneliness during solitary her confinement.

Poor diet can be another reason your puppy is chewing. If your puppy is not getting enough chewing action from her food she may turn to other items such as your furniture. Sometimes a change in food, or leave out some kibble for her to eat when you’re away will help satisfy her need for chewing.

If you catch your puppy chewing on items she is not to chew on, a simple correction is usually enough and removes the temptation.  This is a good time to teach your puppy to find her own chew toys out of toy box that you have provided.