GoldenDoodle Kennels is a small specialized breeder of Mini and Micro-mini Goldendoodles.  For us breeding has always been a family activity.  We love dogs, puppies and seeing the joy in others when they select their new “best friend” and the many letters and emails we continue to receive for years later.

I have been breeding dogs since the late 60’s when I bred my beautiful Irish Setter “Bridget” while still in high school.

I’ll never forget that experience:  I came home from school and found Bridget standing on my bed in labor; a new experience for both of us! She wasn’t sure what was happening or what to do and neither was I. When her first puppy was delivered she just stared at it and I suddenly realized I would need to be a canine midwife.  Eleven puppies later we were both getting the hang of it and starting to work as a team.

Our barn in spring

View from our porch

From that moment on I was hooked.  Seeing the new little lives, watching them grow and then the absolute delight when they were joined with their new families…..it just doesn’t get any better.

In the past, in addition to Irish Setters we have raised Cocker Spaniels, Labrador Retrievers, and Standard Poodles.

After much research and investigation we decided that our next canine “family member” would be a Goldendoodle.  We loved that they had many of the traits of a Poodle blended with the wonderful characteristic of the Golden Retriever.  However, for us the only problem was the size of the standard goldendoodle (60 to 90 lbs).

At our age and lifestyle we wanted a “smaller” dog with similar characteristics that could travel with us and be a playmate to our grandchildren.  After more research we found that (at that time) there were a very few breeders that were breeding Goldendoodles in a smaller size and that’s when we found our answer.

Now many years later we can truthfully say that the Goldendoodle is the finest breed we have ever lived, worked and played with.  They are amazingly smart, always happy, very athletic and extremely affectionate.  We couldn’t be happier.

Our barn in spring

Our barn in spring

Our home is well designed for breeding and raising our Mini Goldendoodles.  It allows us to interact with our Doodles and the puppies from the day they are born.  We always assist the “moms” with the deliveries and are touching and loving the puppies from the moment they are born.

Some breeder’s websites say they raise their puppies in the home.  However if you carefully look at their website you sometimes will see that they have 10-15 or more breeding females and a few males.

Realistically you simply cannot keep that many dogs in the home and therefore the puppies are raised more often that not in a detached professional kennel. In these kennels they are likely to have 20 to 30 puppies at any one time and therefore it is not possible to really spend any significant time with individual puppies.  We are not saying the dogs are not well taken care of because the vast majorities are.

However puppies like babies develop a significant amount of their social skills in the first few days and weeks of their lives.  Puppies that have minimal human interaction during this time can have underdeveloped social skills that may cause them to have difficulty bonding to their new human families.

It’s not that these traits can’t be learned as they continue to grow with their new families; it is just more natural and comfortable for all when the interaction begins within the first couple of days of their lives.

Here is what some of our “Doodle-family” members have said about their Goldendoodles:

What would I say about my first five months with my goldendoodle, Tallulah? Pictures cannot communicate the beauty of this silken angel!  She doesn’t merely walk: she prances.  She is delicate and long legged, and her hair is super soft and flowing.The temperament of this exquisite breed cannot be overstated. Tallulah is so loving: she will be staring in my eyes one moment, and wrapping her long paws around my neck the next, climbing to chomp on my hair and lean around to kiss my cheeks. She plays for hours with my cat—and has since she was very young—and has never hurt her; extraordinary self-control and gentleness for one so young. She has begun to come to work with me, where she utterly charms my clients, and then rests quietly while my clients and I talk. Did I mention she’s five months old?? She is already so smart, and has this unbeatable mix of joyous exuberance….and a steady, calm curiosity.  I have had dogs all my life & I have NEVER had a dog like THIS dog. I feel utterly fortunate to look forward to having such a sweet soul with me for years to come. If you’re on the fence, you’re wasting your time: hop off and get ready for the pleasure of these unconditionally adoring creatures!!  Dr. Martina

Whether or not you select your doodle from GoldenDoodle Kennels look for these points: a good breeder will willingly communicate with you during your decision making and selection process.  They will not only share information about the puppies but the breed in general.  They should be knowledgeable about the breed and dogs over-all.  They should show sincere interest in who you are and what your family is like to ensure a good match for all concerned.  And finally they should be able to give you clear instructions and guidance about how to set up for and welcome your new family member into your home.  You will be able to tell from your communications with a breeder if they are the right one for you.

Now, go get a Goldendoodle it will change your life.